Why should I try a GirlPhoria Lounge?

Ever wish you had a place to go where there was a community of teen girls? Where it was always positive and uplifting with no drama? Where you didn’t have to worry about what you were wearing or being judged for how you look? Where you could actually talk about your emotions? Where you could meet new friends? Where there was a mentor for you to talk to about life, love, and your future…that maybe wasn’t your mom?

That’s why I created GirlPhoria Lounges! To host a totally laid back weekly event, that you and your friends could attend, and start to feel really good about yourself, and where your life is headed! We have different activities each week, and there’s ALWAYS free food and a free PiYo class at the end! And we made front page news, check it out HERE!

Want to try out a local GirlPhoria Lounge? Well, then I have a little something for you….Drop your email below to get a FREE CLASS PASS for you and a friend! ($20 value)  xoxo Allison

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