Meet Allison

Hey girl, I’m Allison!

I am so excited that you are here! My calling in this life is to educate and empower young girls to be independent, fierce, self-loving women that are ready to run this world!  I want to help you work past the things that are holding you back and tap into the greater, deeper being that you have covered up inside. To help you find that happy place, and to realize that it is within you! To dig deep with you and confidently answer that burning question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. And to bring out that inner girl goddess to rise up to the occasion by sharing with you how I did that exact same thing when I was 16. I will give you tools that you can use immediately to become happy now and set the course for a crazy amazing life! Translation?

I want to help you reach GirlPhoria!

Wait, what is that???!!?!?! Well to be honest, I totally made that word up….and I am absolutely in love with it! *Whatever you do, don’t tell my 11th grade English teacher of a husband lol* Here is the Girl Power Guru’s definition of GirlPhoria:

S U R F  L E S S O N S


From battling yo-yo diets and a terrible body image, crippling shyness and having very few “friends” to putting my wellness first, dropping 50 pounds healthily, dating a football captain (who is now my husband), making lifelong friends, and becoming a young female entrepreneur, I am living proof that where you are now is not where you have to stay. In other words, you can change your reality as you know it. In an instant. By changing your mindset and learning simple tools and tricks to becoming an absolutely electric soul that can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


That 15 year old girl was depressed, seeking freindships and love in all the wrong ways, had no interests or extracirricular activities, had a terrible relationship with food and literally had no energy or care in the world as to what tomorrow would bring. I’ve been there, and I remember how much it sucked. I remember not having anyone to turn to (besides my mom, but you know…sometimes we need someone other than our mom), not having a friend I could confide in with serious stuff like…I hate my body…What the hell am I going to do after high school…Am I ever going to be good enough for someone to love me…Do I have to drink/drugs/have sex to fit in? Well I am happy to tell you that after quite a few years of trial and error, I did figure it out…but it can be quicker and easier than that for you! I knew that I had it on my heart to go back to my 15 year old self…(read: you)…and share with her all the things I wish I had known back then!

And that is how GirlPhoria was born. Simply. Unapologetically. With love.


At the core of it all is my belief that you must fully accept yourself, flaws and all, if you want to reach GirlPhoria. That includes your past trauma, drama and regrets, your body, your personality, your actions, your spirit, your fears, your core desires, your career path and your relationships. GirlPhoria encompasses the mind, body and soul by focusing on three main areas: Self Love, Self Care, and Self Discovery!

Finding your happy, or as I say, reaching GirlPhoria, will be one of the MOST exciting times in your life and absolutely direct the course of your fierce, fun-fulfilling future.

I’m known to deliver the most innovative, life changing, spirited, high energy and highest quality Girl Power Guidance in the industry. Through my website, E-magazine, videos, newsletters, social media, products, ebooks, and programs, you’ll have all the tools to reach GirlPhoria!

Of course, I want to reiterate: I am a normal girl just like YOU. I went from being an overweight, inactive, devastatingly shy (to the point I would not speak in class or even order my own food at restaurants) girl that longed for friendships, a boyfriend, and to be able to fit in with the cool, skinny girls….to being a cute, gym loving, supportive football girlfriend, that sang a solo at the high school talent show and started her own business making purses which earned her a full ride scholarship to the only college she applied to. So what the heck changed? Well a lot actually, but I can boil it down to one thing: I made a mental shift from depending on others for my happiness, to taking my life in my own hands and creating my own happy! I never claim to have all of the answers, and I make my fair share of mistakes too. I commit to you today that I will bring you the best of what I live and learn, and be 100% real and honest to you along the way.


So please don’t expect a perfect, cutting edge celebrity or an I-Know-Everything-There-Is-To-Know-About-Life-and-My-Way-is-the-Best-Way authority figure, but you can expect a positive, humorous, intimate, sharing environment. Reaching GirlPhoria comes with some growing pains along the way. It is my promise to always keep each message encouraging and uplifting, but I will also promise to keep it real…so if you consider yourself very uptight and sensitive, then you might not enjoy my raw take on the realities of girlhood.